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Sustainable Deck Made From Algae
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Sustainable Deck Made From Algae
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CALA & BLOOM: Sustainability from Algae

From the very inception of CALA Boards, it was clear that the production of our boards must prioritize the protection of humans, the environment, and nature. This journey from idea to the production of the entire CALA Board series wasn't easy, but it was both meaningful and sustainable.

During the development and production of CALA Boards, these five guiding principles have always been our top priority:

  • Climate protection
  • Watershed protection
  • Resource and energy use
  • Health protection
  • Ecosystem preservation

Surprisingly, our support comes from an unexpected source: algae, which can be a plague in many oceans around the world, yet also offer valuable help in nature's recovery.

BLOOM's innovative technology takes us a significant step closer to an important goal and our profound motivation: achieving clean water and clean air through material innovation. To support this, all CALA Board decks are produced using a thermoplastic process based on algae.

Our Partners

CALA and BLOOM have jointly developed surf mats made from sustainable algae foam.

The Beyond Coral Organization is dedicated to promoting support for coral reefs.

At TryUp, you can have our iSUPs conveniently delivered to your home for an extensive test.

Ocean Conservancy is a nonprofit environmental advocacy group that assists in shaping marine policy legislation.

Parley for the Oceans is a nonprofit environmental organization focused on the protection of the oceans.

Surf Spirit offers surf and yoga retreats at the most fascinating locations in the world.

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